Fire Damage Restoration

Fire harm alludes to the actual harm to a property because of consuming. This harm may either be straightforwardly brought about by the blazes or could happen because of smoke and other destructive substances produced by the fire.


First lets understand what fire is and what it does.

Fire is a rapid oxidation process that releases energy in varying intensities in form of light and heat and often creates smoke.

There are 2 types of fire: Flaming and smoldering

Soot is from the fire and can cause black stains on textiles and other items.

Smoke odor may remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless they are properly deodorized before cleaning

During a fire, smoke can permeate walls and other surfaces and drift through household ducts, where it becomes trapped. If not properly removed, smoke odor reoccurs from time to time, especially during warm or damp weather. Cleanteckpros uses a process known as thermal fogging. This warm chemical fog penetrates your home and walls just as the fire did neutralizing the smoke odor as it goes.

Restoration Services

We will make sure that you are in touch with the best construction professionals who will put your property back in its best form and to your satisfaction. Our contractors are fully license and bonded to be able to do all the things you need to get your property looking amazing and live-able again. We will make sure we deliver you a property that you will be proud of and a property that will be the one you will enjoy living in.

What comes with the fire Assistance

When there is a fire there alot of things that needs to get done. Many times when there is a fire you dont know all the things that are available to you and your family and tenants if you have. Knowing that you are to be placed in a place to stay either equal or better than the place you come from. If you have belongings that you want to keep like rugs, couches, clothing, curtains, figurines, hats, and many other things, the team you pick should accommodate you with a pack out, items inventory, pick up from a cleaner company and storage. If these things arent offered to you then you did not pick the right company, thats why you should contact us and let us provide you with the best service for your needs.