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Knowing what to do in case of water damage

When you receive any type of damage from water you needto locate where the water may be coming from and then contact either a plumber or contractor to fix. Take pictures and or video to document the leak. Once this is done then you should seek out a public adjuster first before contacting your insurance company, the reason being is, the public adjuster will assist you in identifying the right words and information needed to give to the insurance company so you can get the monies you are suppose to get in its entirety. If you contact the insurance company yourself ( you have the right too), you may say something that will cause you to leave alot of monies on the table.


The insurance companies are not in the business to just give monies away so knowing what to say is very important.

Buying a Home with mold

Many of will buy a home and not know what to look for or expect when the walls are covered up. We just generally just are happy to buy the house and move along our day like everything is just fine, but in reality there can be things going on that we are not aware of. Mold and mildew can be very serious to our health and well being and not knowing it is there can contribute to your health in a major way. Couphing, sneezing, watery eyes, unexpain allergies, vision blurr and other physical changes can be from the hidden monster in the room.


Your ventilation can transport these things through your system and spread these toxins through out the house or property quicker than you can imagine and change the way you and the residents breathe on a daily basis. Mold is like a dandelion, you let it seperate itself and it will spread all over the place and move the dangerous toxins throughout the house planting itself so it can harm you and others in other places of the house or space.


Having a mold test, air quality test and humidity test is something you may want to consider when buying a home because it will give you some type of confident you are going to be in a home with a good air quality. Cleanteckpros will do testing and assure you the kind of results you will need to be comfortable in your home or space.